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Analyze your statistics ... Quickly and Deeply

Because your business is based on acquisition and ROI, Adverkeyz provides the most deeper analytic tools in the market in order to show you the performances by step of all of your campaigns ads by ads.

Stay connected to your entire campaign performance portfolio with Adverkeyz advanced data feeds.

Real Time/Quick Test Tracking

Before starting your campaign(s), make sure your trackings works well. It is necessary for that to check that your pixels are well implemented in your advertisers/publishers sides and make a test in real time.

No need to wait half an hour to see that your pixels are firing as they should do. If your pixels are well implemented you will see your results immediatly.

Live Stats

You need a fast overview of your campaigns ? Adverkeyz supplies Live Stats. Your data is Real Time to ensure that your statistics are accurate and relevant for you (and/or your client). Check your global stats per clients/publishers or analyze each campaign one by one ... It's is up to you !


Adverkeyz has created the best Optimization tools to empower you to get the most of your media investments. You will be able to analyze your statistics from many perspective in order for you to discover which ads are generating the best results. If you are advertising on Networks or RTB's our Optimizations tools will help you to find where you must invest massively and where you have to pause/cut your investments.

"Don't buy blind" anymore when you are investing on multiple sites, compare your results with your publishers. Get automatic feedback from Adverkeyz ads by ads, formats by formats, positions by positions, sites by sites.

Due to this features, our clients are generating faster ROI and are saving a big part of their investments which they can re-invest on accurate channels or on new traffics sources.

Anti-Fraud System

Are you sure that your IO's are respected by the book ? We've created an Anti-Fraud System to answer to this problematic. You will be able to check (and prove) per IP's and countries, if your publisher follows your instructions about your capping. With this tool, our clients are preserving a big part of their budgets which are usually going into trash because some publishers are providing non targeted traffic. No need to pay anymore for something that you don't want !
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